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Frosted Snowdrop Luxury Candle

Frosted Snowdrop Luxury Candle

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"Transfigure Your Atmosphere With Fresh Snow Drops and Rich Cranberry"

This beautifully crafted luxury candle will help you elevate your mood on demand. The perfect blend of spiced mistletoe, rich cranberry, and fresh snowdrops transform your home's aroma.

  • Expertly crafted with premium wax guaranteed to burn evenly 
  • A distinctively snow drop based scent with rich cranberry and spiced mistletoe
  • Housed in an elegant vessel that will accent any home decor
  • Formulated with lasting essential oil based fragrances you will fall in love with
  • Hand poured to ensure consistent quality & maximum performance

Packaged In A Sleek, Jet-Black, Soft-Touch Box That Makes A Statement.

Burn Time: Up To 180 Hours

Fragrance Family: Fresh

Key Notes: Spiced mistletoe, mixed rich cranberry and fresh snow drops

Mood: Nostalgic 

Made In The USA!

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