Our Story

Nic Bianchi was 12-years old when he received a candle making kit for his birthday. He fell in love with the math and science that goes into making candles. Bianchi has used this passion to create many candle brands including Bianchi Candle Co and Yes You Candle. All Bianchi candles contain the highest-quality fragrances that last longer than competing brands.

The Bianchi Candle Line Features luxury candles, votives, and reed diffusers. All Bianchi products are handcrafted in small hand poured batches. This ensures consistent quality & high performance amongst all products.

Yes You Candle is the inspirational candle line hand crafted by Bianchi Candle Co. Each candle contains a specific scent, and inspirational message designed to inspire. All Yes You Candles contain all-natural soy wax, essential oil based fragrances, and are 100% recyclable. Included in each Yes You Candle is a Candle Care Card/Candles to Cocktails information