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Bianchi Candle Co

Orange Vanilla Votive

Orange Vanilla Votive

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"Setting The Mood For Something Dreamy With Featured Notes Of Smooth Vanilla & Sweet Orange"

This beautifully crafted luxury votive will help you relax while enjoying your favorite scents. 
  • Expertly crafted with premium wax guaranteed to burn evenly 
  • Mouthwatering ingredients combined to form a sweet and delicious scent
  • Housed in an elegant vessel that will accent any home decor
  • Formulated with lasting essential oil based fragrances you will fall in love with
  • Hand poured to ensure consistent quality & maximum performance

​​2.5oz Votive Candle

Burn Time: Up To 20 Hours

Fragrance Family: Gourmand 

Key Notes: Smooth vanilla blended with a sweet orange aura 

Mood: Dreamy

Made In The USA!

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